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Our Selective Trial Tests Course has been reviewed & restructured to include the SelectivePreliminary Course to ensure that they are relevant, suitable & of high quality so that our students are best prepared for the Selective Schools Test. 

Selective Trial Test Course diligently prepares students for success in the Opportunity Class Placement Test. This course is unique in that it allows students to practise exam style questions under exam conditions. As the answer sheets are being marked, teachers will review the entire test paper with particular focus on difficult questions. Each question is explained thoroughly step by step. Students receive their individual results at the end of the session as a record of their performance. The Selective Trial Test Course will help your child to manage his/her time efficiently, minimise carelessness, overcome examination nerves and perform at his/her best under examination conditions.

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OC Trial Test

School Holiday Course – NAPLAN Trial test - Toongabbie - Girraween

School Holiday Course – NAPLAN Trial test - Toongabbie - Gir...

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