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Shoulder weakness can seriously harm your quality of life, so it's vital that you make your recovery as effective and as easy as possible. The Rolyan Reach'N Range Overhead Pulley helps aid the development of strength and helps improve range of motion. The easy-to-use design is ideal for both home and clinic use and is simply mounted to a door for quick setup.

Key Features of the Rolyan Reach'N Range Overhead Pulley

The key features of the Rolyan Reach'N Range Overhead Pulley are:

Develop a range of motion and rebuild strength

Dual overhead pulley adds stability

Made for ease of use for the more effective exercise

Included door anchor makes setup fast and easy

Overhead design enables a free range of motion patterns for a more versatile exercise

Can be stored away when not in use – ideal for both home and clinic use

Webbing strap or metal bracket options help you get the best mount for your needs

Great for Developing Strength 

The overhead pulley helps develop range of motion and assists with the development of strength, aiding recovery for better results. The overhead design of the pulley faces away from the door, enabling a free range of motion exercises to be performed, such as PNF patterns. This ensures more versatile and effective exercises for better results.

Versatile Design

For even more versatility of use, weights can be added to the handles of the pulley. This can be used to counterbalance the strength of the opposite extremity, and can also help to make exercises more difficult as strength improves. Please note that weights are not included with the pulley.

Easy to Use

To help you get the most from the shoulder pulley, it's been designed to be exceptionally easy to use. The included door anchor fits most and makes setup easy. It also means that the pulley can be stored away when not in use – great for both home and clinic use.

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