Metron Pro Tens Unit, with Timer and Carry Case


The Metron Pro Tens Unit with Time and Carry Case is a regular TENS with adjustable pulse width, pulse rate, intensity, modes and an accurate timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes, which will stop output at preset time. 



Channel: Dual, isolated between channels

Modes of Operations: Continuous, Burst, Modulation

Pulse Intensity: Adjustable 0-80mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel, constant current

Pulse Rate: 2Hz-150Hz (adjustable)

Pulse Width: 30μs - 260μs (adjustable)

Time: Continuous, 30 min, 60 min

Burst Mode: Burst consists 2 bursts per sec at 100 Hz

Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic square pulse

Voltage: 0-100 Volt (open current)

Power Source: 9 volt battery

Dimensions: 95(H) x 60(W) x 23(D) mm

Weight: 115 grams (battery included)

Warranty: 1 Year

Supplied with the following accessories:

Carry Case

2 x TENS Leads

Operating Manual

1 x 9V Battery

1 x Pack of Metron Self-Adhesive Electrodes (4 electrodes per pack)


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