EVA Foam Roller - Full Round Foam


The Foam Roller is designed as a functional exercise option. The use of rollers increases the difficulty of many basic exercises, by creating an unstable, elevated exercise environment. They are perfect for positioning, balance, postural, muscle re-education, spinal stabilisation, body awareness and coordination, ranging and strengthening activities. Rollers come in four different sizes to enable progressive diversification to a rehabilitation or fitness program.


Features & Benefits:

Design enhances balance, body awareness, muscular flexibility and dynamic strength

Economical and fun to use

Dense EVA foam construction provides firm support for all body types

Excellent for balance and motor skill development

Excellent tool for self-massage, de-activating trigger points and for functional exercise

Ideal for soft tissue work, stretching, massage, stability exercises, core strengthening, injury prevention, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, Pilates and yoga

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