Jags Ristorante-Newington

11 Ave of Europe
Newington New South Wales 2127 Australia

Jags Ristorante-Newington Details

Jags Ristorante

Jag’s Ristorante is located at the local village center in the heart of the exclusive Bella Vista residential area. Owned by the Saroufin family, the business provides over 20 years of Italian and Pizza restaurant experience.

Jag’s Ristorante was originally known as Pizza on Bella. Established in 2001 Pizza on Bella became the local pizza pasta eatery. As years passed business grew with popularity and success came from providing quality product and service.

In May 2004 Pizza on Bella relocated to a larger premise in the center to expand into an Italian pizza licensed family restaurant and has no limits in providing only the highest quality of Italian cuisine and pizza to their customers.

The family restaurant underwent a name change in 2006 Jag’s Ristorante became the new name due to the expansion from just a pizza pasta BYO … eatery. It offered much more and the original name Pizza on Bella did not relate to the cuisine.

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