Get relaxing massage or book an appointment for Acupuncture with oriental herbs and massage in Toongabbie.

Acupuncture                                                                         $40

Acupuncture with remedial massage  1 Hr                           $75

Cupping/ Gua Sha                                                                 $30

Ear Canding                                                                           $30

Hot stone                                                                                $30

Hot oil massage                                                                      $40

- Provides drug-freepain relief

- Effectively treats a wide range of acute and chronic ailments

- Treats underlying caus of disease and illness as well as the symtoms

- provides a wholistic approach to the treatment of desease and illness, linking body, mind and emotions.

- Assist in the prevention against disease as well as maintenance of general well being.

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- Price may change with out notice

- Price in this ad is indicative price only, please call to confirm

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